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Review 5 StarsWe are proud to announce that Somerby Equestrian Centre has been awarded the top 5* rating under the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 for the hiring out of Horses.

See below the criteria for receiving this 5* rated licence in an extract from the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018;

Licence Number AW039

1. In this Schedule, “client” means a person for whose use a horse is hired out.

2.—(1) The licence holder must—

(a)hold an appropriate formal qualification, or have sufficient demonstrable experience and competence, in the management of horses, and

(b)hold a valid certificate of public liability insurance which—

(i)insures the licence holder against liability for any injury sustained by, and the death of, any client, and

(ii)insures any client against liability for any injury sustained by, and the death of, any other person,

caused by or arising out of the hire of the horse.

(2) The certificate mentioned in sub-paragraph (1)(b) must be clearly and prominently displayed on the premises.

3.—(1) The activity must not at any time be left in the charge of a person aged under 18 years.

(2) No horse may be hired out except under the supervision of a person aged 16 years or more unless the licence holder is satisfied that the person hiring the horse is competent to ride without supervision.

(3) The following must be clearly and prominently displayed on the premises—

(a)the full name, postal address (including postcode) and telephone number of the licence holder or other person with management responsibilities in respect of the activity;

(b)instructions as to the action to be taken in the event of a fire or other emergency.
Suitable environment

4.—(1) It must be practicable to bring all the horses on the premises under cover.

(2) Suitable storage must be provided and used for feed, bedding, stable equipment and saddlery.

(3) All arena surfaces must be suitable for purpose, well drained, free of standing water and maintained regularly to keep them level.
Suitable diet

5.—(1) At all times when any horses are kept at grass, adequate pasture, shelter and clean water must be available for them.

(2) Supplementary feed and nutrients must be provided to any horse when appropriate.

(3) Each horse must be fed a balanced diet of a quantity and at a frequency suitable for its age, health and workload to enable it to maintain an appropriate physical condition.
Protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease

6.—(1) The horses must be maintained in good health and must be in all respects physically fit.

(2) A preventative healthcare plan agreed with the veterinarian with whom the licence holder has registered under paragraph 9(8) of Schedule 2 must be implemented

(3) A daily record of the workload of each horse must be maintained and available for inspection at any reasonable time.

(4) Each horse must be suitable for the purpose for which it is kept and must not be hired out if, due to its condition, its use would be likely to cause it to suffer.

(5) Any horse found on inspection to be in need of veterinary attention must not be returned to work until the licence holder has, at the licence holder’s expense, obtained from and lodged with the local authority a veterinary certificate which confirms that the horse is fit for work.

(6) Each horse’s hooves should be trimmed as often as is necessary to maintain the health, good shape and soundness of its feet and any shoes should be properly fitted and in good condition.

(7) An area suitable for the inspection of horses by a veterinarian must be provided.

(8) The following must not be hired out—

(a)a horse aged under 3 years;

(b)a mare heavy with foal;

(c)a mare whose foal has not yet been weaned.

(9) The licence holder must keep a register of all horses kept for the licensable activity on the premises, each such horse’s valid passport showing its unique equine life number and a record of its microchip number (if any).

7. All equipment provided to clients must be in good and safe condition and available for inspection at any reasonable time.