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If you are new to Somerby Riding School or new to the sport these questions and answers will give you more information.

What do I need to wear when riding?

Warm clothes! Whilst we have an indoor school, it is still chilly - particularly in the winter. Close fitting clothes are best, as anything "flappy" can make the horses nervous. You can wear any type of comfortable trousers - just make sure they are quite thick so that you don't rub your legs. The only safety requirement is that you wear shoes with a small heel - trainers are not permitted as they can slip through the stirrup. We have hats and some boots that you can borrow when you arrive. Its important that you just wear what is comfortable for a start - there is no need to go and buy expensive gear - whilst you will want this further on in your riding, it is not necessary for the first few weeks.

Do we ride if it is raining?

Expect to ride in most conditions. Please ensure that you/your children are suitably dressed including gloves.

Are there weight restrictions?

To maintain a high standard of horse welfare it is necessary for us to impose an upper weight restriction on riders. Children do grow out of ponies and may be advised that they can no longer ride a particular pony.

How do I book a lesson?

Contact us on 01664 454838. We are a busy riding school and all our staff work on the yard. If we are not able to answer your call straight away our Answer phone is always on please do leave a message and we will call you back.

What time should I arrive for my lesson?

Around 15 minutes before your lesson starts is ideal. This gives you time for fill in the required forms (if you have not already done so), and also lets you have a look around the centre and meet your instructor. Please allow time prior to your first lesson to fill in our rider registration form.

Do children have to be accompanied by and adult?

Children attending the yard remain the responsibility of the parent/responsible person who comes with them. We are not a baby-sitting service and the yard can be a dangerous playground. Helpers – your choice to ride or help in the yard is voluntary so please accept that you do so at your own risk.

How safe is riding a horse?

Our aim is to ensure you have fun and enjoy your time with us and most importantly to ensure you are safe. Your safety is our priority but remember horse riding is a risk sport. However, it is an implied condition of our contract with clients that they accept the risk of injury or loss for whatever reason, whilst in attendance at this establishment. It is recommended you take out personal accident insurance cover.

Can anyone ride?

Yes, as long as you are under our weight limit and do not have any medical condition which means you have been advised not to ride.

Will I always get the same horse?

No - you will be given a variety of horses to broaden your skills and your instructor will decide each lesson who you will be riding. Horses and ponies are also chosen taking height and rider size into account to ensure our horses are comfortable and our riders are on the best size of horse to improve them.

Do I have to ride every week?

No - many of our riders fit their lesson in around busy schedules. If you wish to remain with a regular class, it is safer to ride each week to ensure that you retain your space but there are several lessons of each standard that you can book into to ensure they fit around your other commitments.

Can I hire a horse to ride on my own?

No - our insurance requirements prevent this, and we believe that it is in our horses best interests to have a trained member of staff present at all times.

Can I keep my horse at Somerby Equestrian Centre?

Yes we offer livery for our members. See our Livery page for more details.

Do I need to get my horse ready?

No - our staff will groom and tack up the horses in preparation for you. A few of our staff may also be on the ground during your first lesson to lead/assist depending on numbers and ages. You will be shown how to lead/get your horse from your stable.

Are there any other rules?

NO SMOKING on the yard.